Together we will take these steps to increase the ROM of your events and conferences

Campuses are their own unique environment, right? Only someone who has thrived in that environment can TRULY understand how to

  • engage stakeholders to achieve a goal,
  • navigate through complicated collaboration avenues,
  • connect the campus and community and asks the right questions to propel projects to stellar outcomes

We are that partner. With over 20 years of on-campus experience, we are the partner who can increase your ROM without adding significant expense to your already tight budget.


Go over your current plan of events and determine goals for each of these events.

  • Analyze current event portfolio: what’s working, what’s missing, what’s missing the mark
  • Setting measurable goals specific to each of your event activities


    Take a look at your current sponsorships and acquire new sponsors.

    • Sponsorship strategy analysis
    • Contract negotiations with internal and external vendors within university regulations


    Look at ways to promote your event to any and all potential attendees.

    • Analyze internal and external communication strategy and actions
    • Discover new/creative avenues to encourage attendance
    • Share trending event technologies to keep up with the consumer expectations


    Spend time at the event engaging with your guests and make sure everything goes as planned.

    • Provide high-quality execution and management
    • Connect with attendees, special guests and sponsors


    Learn from your event experience to see what worked and what could improve next time.

    • Analyze current methodologies
    • Provide recommendations on effective post-event recaps, informative surveys, and effective Call To Action strategies

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