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A Powerful Moment - Fresh Perspective Consulting

A Powerful Moment

A Powerful Moment

Everything happens for a reason. A few months ago, I was traveling with an anxious travel partner who insisted we arrive at the airport several hours before our scheduled departure. Fortunately, we were in a large international airport that provided a variety of browsing opportunities (karma = appeasing travel partner and get rewarded with a shopping opportunity). While I was meandering through the bookstore (a pastime I adore, but don’t get to do very often), there on the New Release table was The Power of Moments by Chip Heath & Dan Heath. Wow! Someone else is actually thinking about Moments and how businesses, non-profits and universities can capitalize on them. Affirmation that social scientists think this Moment thing is really a thing! This was destiny! I was meant to be in this bookstore to find this book.

I dove right in to learn more about their definitions theories and experiments that encompass the magic in both organic and created moments.

Here’s a quick one-sheet, providing an overview of their concept:

A Powerful MomentLet me know if you’d like to learn more about the examples cited above. Not many business books kept me on the edge of  me seat like this one did, wondering how they would analyze each example.  I highly recommend this book for anyone who is building a team, a culture, a business or, of course, an event.  Let me know if you’ve read it and your thoughts on how to combine elements to make a moment EPIC?